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"The movie shows things can look different if you're looking at them from different angles. It's also about what you need to feel inside of you to create something or to be artistic. And the price you have to pay for years and years of complete devotion and the sudden feeling, there's nothing left of yourself. Of course, that's kinda ridiculous, because she's still alive, but that's what Maria sees in Valentine. Even if she won't admit it. Valentine warms her up and gives her new perspectives on things."
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Olivier Assayas Mentions Kristen:

How did Kristen join the project?
Kristen was it was a fairly long story because originally she couldn’t do it because of scheduling conflicts. She loved the screenplay but the timing wasn’t right so we moved on and had Mia Wasikowska, but then she had a contract with Disney for the Alice sequel and the minute the movie got moving she was not allowed to be in any other projects during that time period. By then Kristen’s schedule had cleared and so instantly we sent it back and she was able to do it. That’s the technical side of it but the more exciting and human part of it is that she’s amazing. I hope everybody will share my enthusiasm of what she did with the part, the freedom she found in her acting and a humor that we hadn’t seen much of just came out, I don’t know how or why. It’s really very exciting when you are filming a young actress and see her respond to your material and grow right before your eyes.

So the shoot was collaborative. What was the schedule like?
We had a fairly short shoot and fairly intense because of the schedules of the actress and we had to squeeze thing and shuffle things around in weird ways. When you have those really tight schedules it gives an intensity that can be nerve-wracking because you don’t really have a safety net. You fuck up a scene and you’re dead basically. You don’t have a chance for an additional day because the day doesn’t exist. I think the film benefited from it because it’s so much an actor’s film, I think that the actors somehow reacted in strong and positive ways to the tension. Your job as a director is to somehow channel that the best you can and somehow I think that they took on that energy around them.

What was it like working with two very strong actresses on set?
It’s really a danger zone and in the end I was just amazed. Kristen was very much a fan of Juliette. She loves her work and she felt that she had something to learn from her, and I think Juliette loved that position of being able to pass on something to another actress. Juliette has invented a style and her own way of transforming into a character that is spontaneously part of her language. Kristen watched her a lot and learned a lot from her and used it. It was absolutely not competitive, it was something symbiotic.

CANNES, France — Olivier Assayas says moviegoers will see Kristen Stewart like they've never seen her before in his Cannes entry "Clouds of Sils Maria."

"It's really something that you have not seen her in," says Assayas. "She's warm, funny, witty."

The film, which debuts Friday at Cannes, stars Juliette Binoche as a popular actress who's shattered by the competition of a young rival (Chloe Grace Moretz). She and her assistant (played by Stewart) withdraw to Sils Maria, Switzerland. For both Assayas, the French director of the Carlos the Jackal miniseries "Carlos" and the family drama "Summer Hours," and Stewart, it's an atypical collaboration connecting European art house and Hollywood.

"Actors are actors," says Assayas. "They are more or less the same in any culture."

Stewart was first suggested by "Sils Maria" producer Charles Gillibert, who produced the Jack Kerouac adaptation "On the Road" — which brought Stewart to Cannes two years ago. The "Twilight" star was unavailable, so Assayas and producers then cast Mia Wasikowska. But Wasikowska had to drop out, at which point Stewart's schedule opened up.

"Kristen, whatever image one has of her, ultimately she's just a great actress by any standard," says Assayas. "I was just completely amazed by the range of Kristen. I'm so honored to be working with her at this moment when she's blossoming."

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Juliette Binoche: Translation "With Kristen, we're halfway through filming, so we still have three weeks ahead of us. We really go into the heart of the film with Kristen. And I think we're both writhing in anticipation, her as much as me, at the idea of playing with ourselves, our feelings. And Kristen is really having a blast playing that role. As she has a real experience of his celebrity world and the real meaning of it. Of its weight. So, all of a sudden, becoming an assistant is freeing for her. And she's someone who is extremely curious, open, who wants to learn. We have fun together. There's a natural complicity between us. Chloe & Kristen are two full-fledged actresses; that they confirm themselves in the film."
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Source and Translation "She's a total icon and one of those figures that does not disappoint. Sometimes you meet people like that in real life and you're like... *Pretends to side-eye* They're not like you want them to be and it is also very silly. But Juliette, at the same time she was very strong, alive, smart, quick, but really, really, nice and giving. You know in the States, it's a little bit more complicated to have that level of... just being away from someone that is not Hollywood, I mean, she's the opposite of that. She's just very smart and it's nice to be around it because it makes you... I'm always on my toes. I wanna know what she's thinking. And she's funny too, she's a lot of fun."

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