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TDB: Some of us have already seen pictures of you with Kristen Stewart and the other actors at Cannes, especially if we follow your Facebook page (Gerald Nicosia Writer). What was it like to see them again?
GN: It was wonderful. We hugged and laughed and remembered how it all began two years earlier. They thanked me again for my help, but the fact is they gave me as much as I gave them. To have gotten to know three such bright and good-hearted young people—really dedicated to their craft, and to telling important truths in their acting—has heartened my own somewhat jaded faith in the human race. Sam, Kristen, and Garrett are just fine people—they don’t get much better. I also got to meet some of the other stars I hadn’t met before, like Kirsten Dunst and Tom Sturridge, and they impressed me as equally smart and dedicated and caring individuals. It was an extraordinary assemblage, not just of talent, but of actors with heart—and in fact, that’s what the Beat Generation itself was, a collection of extraordinarily big-hearted, open-hearted individuals, who were able to use their heartfulness to push America out of the hatred and paranoia after World War II, and quite a ways down the path toward the Age of Aquarius, the Flower Power and “Love is All You Need” of the Sixties, my generation. It might have been Kristen who said this film was unique because it was the first time she’d been part of a cast and crew that felt like one big family. And of course, Kerouac had said essentially the same thing about the Beat Generation, that “it’s a vast collection of friends.” So there was quite a bit of magic and synchronicity going on, that helped Walter and the others in their job.

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"I really wanted to see the actors again—I mean the ones I had worked closely with: Garrett, Sam, and Kristen."


"Kristen’s Lu Anne/Marylou helps reveal the real Lu Anne, in the same way that I tried to do in my book ONE AND ONLY. She gets the lightning-bolt energy of Lu Anne, but also the will and sensitivity that have been omitted from so many portraits."


"There were about 1500 people at the afterparty, right after the showing of the film. It was held in a club that is actually part of the huge Palais des Festivals complex—a club called The Magic Garden Meets Le Baron, which sits atop the casino adjoining the theatres. Part of it is inside, including a dance floor, and part of it is outdoors, an outdoor rooftop garden complete with a full bar. These were almost all movie people and celebrities—many of them having worked on this film or other Cannes films. Even Kristen Stewart’s mother Jules was there, equally beautiful as Kristen, but with a large tattoo on her arm. Again, all the men were in tuxedos, and the women were in absolutely gorgeous gowns—or most of them were. Kristen Stewart was in a very expensive black leather jacket, which made her look a little like her Joan Jett character."

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