Rupert Sanders Mentions Kristen

Source  Such a massive undertaking demanded a certain number of recognizable names amongst the cast to guarantee audience interest. Stewart, best known for playing Bella Swan in the Twilight films, heads the international cast as Snow White. Unlike most other depictions of the iconic character, Stewart's princess starts out unsure of her strengths but, under the tutelage of the huntsman (Hemsworth) hired to find her upon her escape from the Queen's prison, soon finds the will to lead her people against her black magic-wielding stepmother. I ask Sanders what made Stewart right for the role.

"I think she's so brave in real life," he says. "She's just 22, [and] she really does have the weight of the world on her shoulders," referencing what The Daily Beast recently termed the "Internet snark" that has Stewart pegged as "one of the most vilified actresses in Hollywood" thanks to perceptions of her acting ability and her alleged romantic relationship with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson.

"She's strong, she's rebellious. She plays the game her way. She's not a Hollywood starlet. She lives a very grounded, interesting life outside of the film industry, and she's got a lot of s**t to deal with when so many people are mean about her. I get very upset and very defensive for her. She's carrying a lot of stuff. But I think ultimately the great thing about Kristen is she's supremely talented, and that's always going to shine through for her."


Source How are you adjusting to all this media attention?
I wouldn’t say I’ve become like Kristen Stewart, but I certainly have to talk a lot more than I am used to about my work. [Laughs.] But I am very proud of it and I am proud of making it and I am proud to work with so many great people. It's good to talk about it.

Obviously we see the uncharacteristic toughness of Snow White in the film, but how different did you want to make Snow White and what do you think Kristen Stewart brought to her?
I think Kristen Stewart brought a lot to it. I think she is very brave and rebellious. She has a weight on her shoulder, she’s really in the spotlight, and she deals with everything on her own. I think she’s inspiring, and all of those qualities made her what I wanted in the role of Snow White.

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