New Interviews for Breaking Dawn - Round-Up

Coventry Telegraph Source "There have been some heavy moments obviously but I would trade nothing," she said.

"It's such a strange job; you need to be a little crazy, you need to be a little obsessive.

"Also being so young it's really rare. How often do people find what really genuinely challenges them in life at this age? I get so much more time to do what I love than most people do."

"I started [acting] when I was 10 years old so I definitely wouldn't trade anything."

"We didn't even know a sequel was possible. It genuinely wasn't the goal," she recalled.

"It definitely had a following but I think we all imagined it was fairly cult-ish. And then when it suddenly took like wildfire, it actually made sense.

"It's not like it was expected but it was like if anything was going to do it then it made sense it was this."
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LA Times Source "Knowing we have to go to London tonight and then to Madrid is so annoying," said Robert Pattinson, decked out in a green Gucci suit.

Kristen Stewart seemed more taken with the present moment. Asked how it felt to know the vampire franchise was finally coming to a close, she could only muster the word "surreal."

"I know the most go-to answer for everyone on these carpets is 'Oh my gosh, this is so surreal,'" she said, affecting a valley girl voice. "But to be honest with you, this time is so completely surreal. I'm trying to absorb it. I'm trying to be here."
Source On "Twilight": "What I remember the most about the first one is sitting with Rob [Pattinson] in a room tearing our hair out over the script. We were getting notes from the studio incessantly. Every day. I now love everybody but then I was like ‘Don’t you dare say anything to me.’ It was such a fight. And it’s so much fun to fight. That’s my thing. It’s great."

On "New Moon": "It's always been my favorite. I think the depths that are described in that and going from the forest to the bedroom to Italy. Oh my God, that’s why you live. If I were to do that movie now.... I really, really, really, really wish I could go back and do that movie again. I would just be better. But I love it and I had a great experience with [director] Chris [Weitz]."

On "Eclipse": "I just didn't love it. At the time we were kind of pumping them out. The movies were really close together. It felt a little mechanical. That is the most painful, when you know it. When you are on a set and you know that you are dropping things. We were letting things just fall through our fingertips."

On "Breaking Dawn Part 1": "'Breaking Dawn' was the most exciting for me. You just rip through it. Plus, there was so much detachment on the last one that on this one I was raring to go. [I was] simply not going to let that happen again. There was no way."

E! Online Source Source "I'm not sure," Stewart told us when she hit the black carpet at the premiere of the final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Monday. "It would have to be pretty special."

So, how does it feel walking the fifth and final red carpet, held at Nokia Theatre at L.A. Live?

"You know, I think the most go-to answers for everyone on one of these carpets is, 'Oh my gosh, it's so surreal,'" Kristen explained. "But to be honest with you, this time especially is so completely surreal. I'm just trying to absorb it. I'm trying to be here."

She continued, "Every time we come back to do anything for these movies it's always the same feeling. It's what we're going to miss. It's that excitement! You don't ever get to share movies on such a vast... I mean, like I have something in common with every single person here, which doesn't happen so it's pretty cool."

Tonight though, Kristen is only looking to have fun. "I feel like we graduated when we finished shooting," she revealed."This is like the after-party." 

And what an entrance she made in a sexy, lace number by Zuhair Murad. A far cry from anything she would have worn in her early Twilight days.

"Let me think back. Let me analyze my fashion as a whole," Kristen joked when asked how her fashion has evolved over the years. "I don't know. But I do like this thing, so I feel all right." 

"I'm kinda desperate to get a job right now," she told E! News on the black carpet tonight. "I'm itching to go back to work."

For now, it's all about Breaking Dawn: Part 2. "I feel really good," she said. "I'm trying to take in every single one of these moments. I don't want to miss one."

And one moment she will never forget is the first day of shooting the first Twilight.

"We shot the climax of the movie at the very start of production and I almost passed out before I walked onto my first entrance," K. Stew said. "I literally had to hold onto the door handle to not fall over."

She added with a laugh, "If you don't feel like you're terrified and want to pass out, it's not worth it."

But, still, Stewart said she thinks there are still more parts of the Twilight story to be told.

"There are so many avenues than this of this story that have been unexplored...maybe not...about Edward and Bella I would love to look at...the backstory for some of the other Cullens and the werewolves."

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