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Emmanuel Itier: Though you’ve carried on a very diverse career outside of the Twilight films, there’s no denying that this franchise has been a huge part of your life. This last film must be very special to you – what was unique about filming this last piece of the Bella Swan/Edward Cullen puzzle?

Kristen Stewart: I guess the biggest difference in making the last Twilight was the ease at which it all sort of flowed out. Having played human Bella along the way the entire time and making the change, you know, the jump into vampire land, it didn’t feel like a change; it just sort of felt like the next, very natural step.

Also, because everything is sort of… every question in her mind and in her heart has been put to rest. Now, the imposing danger is really just coming from the outside, whereas before, there was major inner turmoil. So now, to play her as such an assured, very sort of stand-up person, it was just a little bit less stressful, even though the movie is chock full of milestone moments, with just, like… the wedding, and the birth, and all of those. They happened so naturally that, yeah, it was just a lot of fun.

EI: You finally get to play around with vampire stunts with the rest of the cast. Did you find those particularly challenging or difficult?

KS: I loved doing all the fight stuff. It was fun doing action that wasn’t just 100% perilous. Usually, Bella is just in a lot of danger and taking a lot of hits and falling down and running away, and this was all about running towards what you were fighting. And that was fun because I got to sit around and watch everybody else do it for ages. [Laughs]

The love scene was interesting. Bill [Condon] had said that he wanted the experience to be very shared, that he wanted it to feel like you were kind of inside of it. And to do that, he had us do our close-ups directly into camera, and you can see yourself. Instead of looking at Rob, I was looking at my ridiculous sexy face. I don’t think that they used many of those shots, to be honest. It was pretty awkward. But yeah, it was good, I think… hopefully.

EI: There’s no denying that the Twilight series has been incredibly influential in the movie business. After the success of your franchise, we’re seeing other young adult fantasy series coming to the big screen. What do you think about this new sub-genre that you and the rest of the Twilight team have created?

KS: It’s great what the fan base has done just in terms of acknowledging that there is definitely a gap to be filled. You know, people only want to make movies in Hollywood if they’re guaranteed to be successful, and now they’ve proven that they exist and that’s fantastic. It’s important to take youth seriously. I don’t know; I think that makes for much more well-rounded adults. Yeah, it’s cool.

EI: Lastly, on the tail end of promoting the very last Twilight film, what do you think has been the biggest change within yourself? How have you grown with the series, and what has it given you?

KS: Well, it’s been, like, five years. I think at the end of any five-year experience, you’re going to see a difference between who you were and who you are. But at the same time, I feel very much like Bella in that I haven’t changed aspects of who I am; I’ve just sort of gotten to know them better and I can use them. I can actually, like, really utilize what I’ve got rather than trying to figure out exactly what your tools are. I mean you get a little bit older and you really realize what you want, and so it’s easier to go and get it.

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