Designer Osman Yousefzada Mentions Kristen

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Source Source Grazia Daily: How did it come about that Kristen wore your design?

Osman: Her stylist took a liking to it, pulled it and and she loved it. I got lucky! It is always an honour when anybody takes to your designs. When it finds a home on someone like Kristen Stewart, I consider myself humbled and lucky.

Grazia Daily: Did you work with her stylist?

Osman: I have a showroom in LA [laChambre] that works directly with her stylist.

Grazia Daily: What is it about Kristen that made you want to dress her?

Osman: Kristen has a strong presence but in that there is restraint, there is an element of mystery...intrigue. She feels like a natural extension of my brand so it makes sense to me to see her in my clothes.

Grazia Daily: Did you meet Kristen?

Osman: Wouldn't that be lovely? But no. I imagine she'd be really cool.

Grazia Daily: How did it feel when you saw Kristen wearing your design on the red carpet?

Osman: I woke up to wonderful Sunday morning with Twitter going crazy with pictures of Kristen looking stunning in our Pre-Fall check. She looked amazing!

Grazia Daily: What's your verdict on the way she styled the look?

Osman: It was cool and no fuss. I imagine her to be that way too.
‘I woke up on Sunday morning to a Twitter frenzy and pics of Kristen Stewart looking stunning in our pre-fall check,’ the designer told ELLE. ‘Such an honour and so humbling.

‘I have always admired her, and always thought she would look amazing in Osman. She has this strength, and I love dressing strong women. I think she looks effortlessly cool. No fuss. It’s exactly how I love my clothes to look, and my design aesthetic.’

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